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Travel Insurance in a Post Covid world

Updated: Feb 9

Tackling this new and strange issue, the dreaded Coronavirus Travel Insurance question! We all have a heightened awareness around this virus which has turned our lives upside down including our ability to travel freely.

Even if your trip, holiday or yoga retreat doesn’t specify the requirement for travel insurance we always recommend that you purchase a policy. Travel insurance protects everyone involved and makes the path much simpler and easier if cover is in place. Many travel companies now include “coronavirus insurance”, to lure us back to travel. Wording on any insurance policy can be overwhelming and confusing so check with your insurance company or an existing policy that the below are covered:

1. Check that emergency medical expenses are covered (including, but not limited to Covid-19)

2. What about treatment for pre-existing medical conditions?

3. Does it cover holiday cancellation?

4. What if your bags/belongs are lost or stolen?

5. Be careful if you’re planning on doing sports or activities abroad

A note of caution that many insurance policies relating to Covid-19 are specifically aimed at medical treatment for Covid-19 while abroad – they are not a replacement for Travel Insurance.

Please be aware there is no cover in place to travel to a country or a specific area or to places which the FCO or the WHO has advised the public not to travel (at this time, this is most countries), however once the restrictions are lifted your policy benefits will automatically be in place.

Below are a few insurance company that can provide cover:

Asda - https://money.asda.com/travel-insurance/

Staysure - https://www.staysure.co.uk/

Trailfinders - https://www.trailfinders.com/insurance#/step1

So stay safe, insurance is there to protect you, check the small print and most importantly we look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

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