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Are you due a break from technology?

Updated: Feb 9

Is it actually possible for us to escape technology in today’s world?

When we actually consider that notion and do take a couple of moment to consider that …. It does seem impossible! Mobile phones ringing, buzzing, notifications, chatting, reminders and worse of all the volume of advertising pushed at us – pretty much constantly.

We all at some point, even if we don’t recognise it, experience sensory overload – online meetings, webinars, even on the road network in the bubble of our cars, television and all the channels and apps that come with it. We have social media, emails that we must respond to immediately, we have all experienced an explosion of information in our daily lives – every day of our lives – we are always in contact with someone or something, pretty much 24/7/365. Whether we realise it or not, this has an effect on us.

Going on a corporate wellness adventure is the perfect tonic and the opportunity for us to step back out into the beautiful wide world with the confidence and reassurance to do so.

Putting the technology down can result in huge benefits for both your mind and your body – both will thank you for it. Try a new adventure, activity, spend some time on your yoga mat or simply just sit and take some time for you. Even when we relax, we are still being bombarded, do we ever just sit and be with ourselves?

There are many benefits to taking a gadget break. Studies across the world have highlighted some important and simple gains.

You are perfect as you are, stop comparing yourself to what you see – and we are all doing it!

The message coming out of social media tells us we should change our image, wear better clothes, work out more, be thinner, eat better … that we need to change, improve, be something we are not. But you don’t, you are perfect exactly as you are.

A break from technology and increased awareness of ourselves, will help us regain focus, have fun, relax, find a like-minded social circle and it goes without saying get the restful sleep we all need. We all spend so much time looking outward to others for improvement and inspiration, we need to reconnect with ourselves, look inward and start the reset from within. Getting outside in nature and fresh air, taking part in a new adventurous activity, watch the sunset, meet with friends and colleagues in a safe environment, all these things have been proven to lift your state of mind.

Get a deep, restful and comfortable sleep

Research shows there is a direct link between not using your mobile phone before you go to sleep and the quality and length of your sleep. Lights generated from our laptops, phones and tablets suppress production of the hormone melatonin, essential to regulating our sleep cycles. Go back to the old-fashioned way of knowing what time it is and buy an alarm clock!

Chill out

Enjoy life more – we don’t need to constantly check our devices, which are never more than about an arm’s length away from us – this will seriously reduce your stress and allow us to lead a more productive and relaxing life, we may even communicate more, like old fashioned communication when we use to talk and phone each other!

Yoga, meditation, breathing and sitting

All these techniques will lead to a more stress free life, a calmer state of mind and the ability for us all to re-discover ourselves, those around us and the environments we live in and travel to – there are amazing things to do and see out there.

Worth knowing

· There were 4.57 billion internet users worldwide in July 2020, this equates to 59% of world’s population being exposed to the internet

· There are approximately 1.74 billion websites in the world

· People spend an average of 6 hours per week shopping online

· There are approximately 950,000 new internet users every day

· There will be an estimated 4.1 billion social media users in 2020

· As of April 2020, Facebook had 2.5 billion active users.

· As at January 2020, Instagram had 1 billion active users

These are big numbers!

Wanderlust Yoga & Adventures offers a wide variety of trips where use of electronic devices is restricted - don’t worry it won’t ask you to go cold turkey!

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