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Benefits of Yoga and Surfing – The Perfect Combo?

Updated: Feb 9

Benefits of Yoga and Surfing – The Perfect Combo?

As a newcomer to either yoga or surfing it may be difficult to see the similarities between these two activities. Firstly, the equipment is quite different and also the environment in which each is done. Surfing requires waves and yoga requires a quieter, more peaceful space. But dive a bit deeper into both disciplines and you will find they have more in common than you’d think. Both activities require strength, flexibility, balance and focus. In fact, there is great synergy between the two, where one can benefit from the other immeasurably.


Both yoga and surfing are full body activities - arms and shoulders, core and abs, leg muscles and feet. Surfing requires strength in the large muscle groups for paddling and popping up on waves and smaller muscle groups that are used for balance. Yoga also engages the total body, large and small muscle groups develop overall muscle tone and conditioning. After either yoga or surfing we all have that feeling of aching in places we have never ached before – take this as a good sign that you are working multiple muscle groups all over the body.


Yoga promises to increase your flexibility, a commitment to a regular yoga practice will see your body transform and flexibility increase – this pays great dividends when transitioning to a surfboard. Through yoga, surfers gain an increased range of motion in the shoulders, chest and hip flexors – all extremely beneficial to advancing surfing skills and your confidence on the board. Increasing flexibility improves the paddling stroke, makes popping up much more accessible and overall flexibility will allow you to access more difficult surfing manoeuvres.


Balance is a tricky subject, it applies to both surfing and yoga and unfortunately balance changes day to day and that’s fine. Once we understand that balance changes, we also develop an understanding that balance can be improved greatly with practice, in both surfing and yoga. Strength and flexibility are crucial to balance and of course concentrating the mind – focus. The stronger the muscles controlling a particular balance, the more successful it will be and the less likely to fall off balance. Strengthening the muscle groups required for balance allow your brain to call on muscle groups to react when you fall off balance either on the surfboard or yoga mat. The more we practice balance the more control we have, even when we are on a moving surface on a surfboard.


Focus and clarity of mind benefit us in every part of our lives, whether at work or at play, being focused takes you a long way. You will often hear yoga teachers saying, “be present, the same applies on a surfboard, the water can be very unpredictable, and we need to have plenty of respect when in water anywhere. When we throw into the mix a group of other surfers, our focus needs to be fully switched on. Being present and focused will keep you safe when in the water and work wonders in your progression, you learn how to read the water and the waves and make less mistakes – focus also allows you to more clearly work though mistakes and learn from them. Neither yoga nor surfing are easy, let’s not pretend they are! The better you begin to understand your body and identify your limitations, you will also discover the possibilities.

Yoga and surfing are a perfect combination, surfers all over the world have turned to yoga as they discover its benefits and yoga practitioners have discovered that surfing gives them that adrenalin release many search for in an activity that benefits both disciplines.

Go on a yoga and surfing adventure - there’s more to gain from the combination of surfing and yoga than you think – your body and mind will thank you for both!

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