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Here at Wanderlust Yoga & Adventures, we believe in a desire for a healthier, calmer life; self-improvement and concern for our society, the environment and respect for other cultures and their norms.  

We believe in a balanced, healthy and mindful approach to activity, adventure and work-life and the importance of sharing these spaces with like-minded people who derive benefits from taking care of their health and wellbeing and appreciate the benefit to mind and body mindfulness practices gives us. 

We are incredibly passionate about the benefits of yoga, wellbeing and holistic practices, and whether a staycation in the UK or overseas, the benefits derived from a healthy escape are vast.  Give yourself and your employees the time and space to enjoy the many benefits of yoga, which are well documented, that when combined with adventure and other holistic practices, give us all the mental, spiritual and physical release we need.

We share a lifelong interest in travel, our combined experiences range from backpacking on a budget to luxury travel in style and personally and professionally we’ve visited over 100 countries and all of our seven continents giving us the tools and knowledge to share with you and provide the best solutions to match and exceed your objectives.

We share the core belief that combining events and programmes with mindfulness practices, exercise and fun adventures provides the perfect blend of experiences that will facilitate a happy, healthier and more fulfilled life for guests, families and work colleagues alike.  

We look forward to you being part of the Wanderlust family. Do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Wanderlust Yoga & Adventures are committed to providing responsible travel solutions that promote our shared responsibility to take care of our planet, its people and cultures, so that everything we enjoy today is available and thriving for everyone tomorrow. We aim to use venues that contribute to the local economy and where possible to source both food and transport from the local people. Our mantra will be to minimise negative social, economic and environmental impact, generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhance the well-being of host communities.

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"In the practice of Yoga, one can emphasize the body, the mind, or the self and hence the effort can never be fruitless." 


Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

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At Wanderlust we have launched an innovative scheme, “Positive Impact”, to provide a more structured approach to our social impact.  

Our aim is to recognise the amazing work that is being done in communities in the destination we are privileged to visit.  


We believe in responsible travel and our shared responsibility to taking care of our planet and its people and cultures.


We will donate to a local charity at each retreat, event or programme location, to give back to the communities that host us.  Our “Positive Impact” initiative will support and strengthen local charities and in turn give support to those who most need it.

The positive effects of yoga and wellbeing go well beyond the mat and our donations will help to provide support to vulnerable groups and those who may just need a helping hand through a difficult time.

We believe that each contribution, however small, made with purpose can have a Positive Impact.


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"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending"

C.S. Lewis