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At Wanderlust we offer a portfolio of wellbeing events, classes and workshops

 all designed, managed and delivered by our team of qualified,

professional and experienced practitioners and experts


The benefits of yoga have been well documented and been proven to educate practitioners through this ancient practice. Yoga relieves stress, increases mental clarity and builds energy and motivation. Yoga is not just about being able to perform complicated poses and movements. It is a holistic approach to physical and mental health, as well as a person's wellbeing and personal growth.

Wanderlust offers many types of yoga for corporate groups and for all levels including:

  • Hatha  - great entry point for beginners

  • Vinyasa  - dynamic sequence of flowing postures

  • Ashtanga - series of poses executed in quick succession, combined with deep, controlled breathing

  • Power - rigorous workout that develops strength and flexibility 

  • Iyengar - an intense focus on the subtleties of each posture

  • Restorative - relax and soothe with passive poses

  • Yin  - slower and more meditative, concentrating on deep connective tissues, fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones

Yoga is suitable for small or larger groups and can be adapted for any level from beginner to advanced practitioners.

Yoga is recommended as a morning practice, but yin and restorative classes can be a calming evening practice to aid with relaxation and sleep.

All Wanderlust teachers are certified, accredited and insured.


Improve posture, alleviate aches and pains, improve balance and strength, stress management and relaxation through Pilates.

Pilates blends strength and flexibility training to help you get toned, strong and conditioned from top to toe, it increases focus and is suitable for everyone.

The two best known forms of Pilates are:

  • Mat-based Pilates – this is a series of exercises performed on the floor using gravity and your own body weight to provide resistance. The main aim is to condition the deeper, supporting muscles of your body to improve posture, balance and coordination

  • Equipment-based Pilates – this includes specific equipment that works against spring-loaded resistance, including the ‘reformer’,  a moveable carriage that you push and pull along its tracks


At its core, the practice of meditation helps us connect with our true selves, nourishing the mind, body and spirit.  Meditation isn't always easy, but it is simple.  Studies suggest that a meditation practice has a positive effect on improving anxiety and stress.  Meditation is also a proven way to increase resilience, emotional intelligence and communication in the workplace.  It allows our minds to be prepared for any issues in our daily home and work life and leads to a calm, stable mind, reduces stress, increases concentration and mental focus and thus increases happiness.

Described as a state of being consciously aware of, and attentive to the present moment, mindfulness meditation can boost productivity in the workplace.


A one hour corporate meditation workshop will:

  • Teach your workforce about the principles of mindfulness meditation and some of the scientific research that supports it’s effectiveness

  • Introduce guided and non-guided meditation (also known as silent meditation) practices, including focused, body scan and visualisation techniques

  • Recommend practices to take away to further explore and benefit from regular meditation

All Wanderlust teachers are certified, accredited and insured.


Forbes recently highlighted how important good nutrition is to the wellbeing of workers. It highlighted, healthier hearts, better sleep, increased energy, mental health benefits, stronger immune systems and better function as the key health benefits of having good nutrition in general. Specific to the workplace, Forbes notes that healthy eating increases productivity, decreases the number of sick days, increases happiness and improves employees’ overall performance. 

The study also found that employees that had healthier diets were 25% more likely to have higher job performance. That’s why employers are now becoming increasingly interested in their employee’s knowledge in this subject, and through our workshop they can provide them with the knowledge they need to help them achieve healthier lifestyles.  


Nutrition and health workshops can explore the role of food with mental health, alongside science to help guests achieve the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. 


As well as group sessions, we can also arrange one to one consultations for those who have specific requirements or may feel they need some extra help and guidance.  


This session follows on very nicely from the Personal Health Check workshops we provide – see here for more details 

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Detox & Cleansing

The growth of detoxing and the benefits derived from it are well documented.  Our detox workshops enable better decisions to be made around good nutrition and include digital detoxing to help people be more present and improve the balance with technology use in their lives.


Detox consultations establish clear goals and provide guidance through holistic therapies and cleansing techniques to enable better body awareness for the long term.  The result is increased energy and vitality, a foundation for optimum health, longevity and personal growth.

Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching workshops measurably improve business performance. Did you know that poor quality sleep is one of the biggest factors in loss of productivity? 


Mental health and the quality of a person’s sleep are very closely linked. Lack of quality sleep is also linked to a wide range of cognitive and physiological impairments.  


From increased stress levels, mental health issues, decreased working memory capacity, and inability to focus on tasks, to increased risk of heart disease and elevated blood pressure – the list is ever-growing. 


The session would cover such areas as: 

  • What is sleep and why do we need it 

  • The benefits to getting enough sleep 

  • Understand the stages of sleep 

  • How to improve sleep quality 

  • What affects your sleep negatively 

  • What disturbs the sleep process 

  • How to prepare for a good nights sleep

  • How to relax including Meditation Techniques 

  • Learn an ‘ABC’ of Better Sleep approach 

  • Learning to relax and the body scan 

  • How stress and anxiety affects sleep

  • Managing jet lag and working across time zones


When loyal and hardworking employees get the support they need to balance their work with their health, they avoid more serious health concerns being triggered. 


In turn, the organisation experiences better talent retention rates, increased work performance, reduced absenteeism and better teamwork. 

Fitness & Exercise

Exercise and fitness coaching and group classes to focus on health and wellness through physical exercise. 


Inactive lifestyles are a primary source of health problems at all stages of life, fitness and exercise are fun, can easily be done indoors or outdoors and the health benefits include boosting circulation, strength and stamina, helping to banish stress.


Our multi-dimensional approach to wellness caters to the needs of all employees despite their initial motivation or fitness level and all classes and activities can be adapted for groups of any level.

There is a huge variety of exercise and fitness classes including:

  • HIIT (High intensity internal training)

  • Boxercise

  • Cardio and aerobic styles including step

  • Cheerleading

  • Hula Hoop classes

  • Dance fitness

  • Zumba

  • Team sports 

  • Crossfit

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

We can rewire the brain through the practice of mindfulness to bring about change in our lives, overall wellness and ultimately improve our health and happiness.  


Our workshops help integrate mindfulness strategies and techniques into people’s home and work lives and assist in taking the first step to the start of a mindful journey through supporting changes to make positive habits permanent. 


Making small changes to your daily routine can create a positive impact on mental and physical wellbeing.


The benefits of mindfulness workshops: 

  • Feel more focused 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety 

  • Improve prioritisation and decision making 

  • Quieten your mind 

  • Improve relationships 

  • Optimise performance 

  • Improve physical health 

  • Slower ageing 

  • Improve your immune system 


The purpose of a mindfulness session is to equip for an improved lifestyle, to build resilience, to empower and inspire.


Mindfulness sessions offer tangible results for a healthier, happier workforce, greater productivity and an enhanced business culture to benefit employers, employees and customers alike.  People can achieve great things with the right support and will flourish in all aspects of life. 

Sound Healing & Sound Baths

A Sound Bath is a deeply-immersive listening experience that uses sound to stimulate powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture mind and body in a relaxing experience that brings a balancing effect to the brain and reduces stress and anxiety.

A deep sound relaxation is an easy practice because of its nature, there is no activity, just lie down comfortably and enjoy the beautiful sound.  A sound bath workshop normally lasts about an hour. 


The sounds are created by a variety of instruments including Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, chimes and voice.


Sound baths guide your awareness to listening, brain waves slow down, shifting the participant from an active state to a more relaxed, dreamlike state, with a reduction in external stimuli allowing deep rest and relaxation.

Sound baths are the perfect accompaniment to a Yin or Restorative yoga class.

Personal Health Check

Personal health checks are an easy way to give your teams health MOTs.


Health screening such as blood glucose and cholesterol testing and lung age screening is quick, easy and a flexible way to engage employees in their health and wellbeing. 

Having a Health MOT can take from as little as five minutes and enables self-testing of key indicators of general health and wellbeing to medically accepted standards. 

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