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At Home in The UK

England - Scotland - N.Ireland - Wales



Here in the UK, we have a stunning array of versatile event venues offering businesses, organisations and teams, a home away from home solution.


The importance of wellness within organisations and teams has never had more focus or been more important, this coupled with a ever growing recognition that we all need to contribute more to the health of our planet and climate with an emphasis on sustainability and awareness of the carbon footprint we all generate in our lives, all this makes an event in the UK a sensible and considered decision.


The four corners of the UK offer diverse and incredible landscapes, from the stunning beaches of Cornwall and North Wales, the beauty of the rolling South Downs, the breath-taking and challenging fells of the Lake District and the wild and untamed beauty of N.Ireland.


Activities and adventures that can help to contribute to wellness and wellbeing are plentiful in the UK offers a bounty, well documented to support and facilitate the health of our minds, bodies and our souls.

Stunning country house hotels with state of the art spas, escape from urban life into the tranquility of the countryside, places to inspire creativity and boost morale. 

With an amazing array of options to satisfy all our needs, business objectives, mindfulness and adventure retreats are within easy reach of us.  We are in a privileged position to be able to reward, nurture and connect our colleagues and business partners.

Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Retreat

  • The importance of having a wellness programme at the workplace can also be linked to employee retention

  • 89% of workers at companies that support well-being efforts are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work

  • Lower levels of absenteeism which can be reduced by up to 27% for those who exercise regularly and have a healthy balanced diet

  • Healthier employees tend to be more positive, outgoing and enthusiastic, improving workplace morale

  • Helps individuals identify and explore unique strengths and learn how to apply them in the workplace

  • Helps teams bond with one another on a deep and meaningful level, by providing quality of the time over the quantity

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”


Location & Access

  • Venues in the UK are easily accessible, our extensive portfolio of venues are well connected to road, rail and air transport links and hubs

  • Location is key factor for businesses and important for your guests, there are many options for both venue types and locations, we will match the venue to fit your brief, objectives and outcomes

Hotels & Venues

  • Venues which offer spaces where you can rest, explore, connect, work, taste, move, or dance as you wish

  • Exclusive use venues, flexibility and privacy for your group. Ideal for safety and even better for your guests overall experience and feel good factor

  • Boutique venues have always been one of our favourites and great clearly for smaller groups. Always a little quirky but definitely with style and individuality to give your guests something to add to their memories

  • Woodland retreats bringing you closer to nature and provide the perfect setting to reduce mind chatter and bring our attention to the present moment, reducing the chatter improves concentration in all aspects of our lives

The Adventures

  • At Wanderlust we offer a wide range of well researched activity and adventure options all aligned with looking after our wellbeing, health and achieving business objectives

  • The UK is rich with opportunity for adventures and activities, amazing coasts to walk, beautiful lakes to swim in, hills to hike, seas to surf and new places to explore

  • The UK offers ideas ranging from an hiking, yoga and meditation practices, cold water swimming, surfing, foraging, stand up paddle boarding, mountain biking or simply rest and recuperate

You are in safe hands

  • All our retreats are Covid safe.  Steps we have taken on all our retreats to ensure a clean and safe environment can be found in our Covid policy.​

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About the Yoga & Wellness

  • Our first yoga class would be a gentle practice,  allowing guests to settle into the new environment and feel at home

  • Morning practice will start with a short meditation and a dynamic vinyasa class to awaken the body and mind, leaving guests feeling energised for the day to come

  • After a relaxing and adventurous day, a more restorative class to calm the mind and allow the body to relax and unwind

  • With mindfulness certainly at the forefront of a lot that is happening in the world around us right now, there are some pioneering new wellness activities that we can introduce to your guests

  • Take time out to reflect and reconnect with yourself and others, reducing the use of technology or taking a time out from screens.  Our Escape from Technology blog explores this a little more - to read our blog click here

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  • Pre event communications, bespoke registration website and delegate management


  • Group flights with flexible payment terms


  • Airport meet and greet and airport transfers to/from the resort


  • Hotel recommendations and management


  • Supplier recommendation and negotiations for meals, activities, local experts including facilitators, guides and instructors

  • Onsite event management


  • Full budget ownership and management

Budget guidelines can be provided on request

Your group itinerary will be designed and delivered by Wanderlust in partnership with you to ensure your objectives and outcomes are exceeded


We can provide full event event management for the following services 


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