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Putting corporate wellbeing innovation at the heart of your company agenda

Our corporate retreats offer companies, organisations, teams and employees the ability to be at their best by looking after their health and wellbeing. 

Recharge your team with tailor made corporate mindfulness and wellbeing retreats in the UK and around the world.  All our retreats are designed to suit your exact needs and allow your guests to switch off, restore inner balance and return back to the office and home feeling completely rejuvenated and ready for the next challenge.


We have lots of fabulous, hand-picked locations to choose from, all fully researched by our highly experienced yoga and events team.

These days the wellbeing of our employees, as well as the care and treatment of our customers, is key to good business ethos. How we treat and support our business partners is now high on corporate agendas.  Employees need the positivity garnered from wellbeing activities to achieve high performance and put a 'smile on their minds'.


Work is a well documented cause of stress and burnout for a huge number of people in the UK and beyond. A survey conducted by Gallup in 2019 reported 67% of all employees experience burnout in the workplace and feel overwhelmed by having to meet constant demands.  Tools for managing stress and boosting company culture to improve employee health and satisfaction is a more critical investment than ever before.

Give your hard-working team an experience of a lifetime they will truly appreciate and undoubtedly benefit from. Our corporate retreats are designed very carefully to ensure safety is a priority and that all your guests feel motivated, supported and cared for.


We ensure our retreats contribute to corporate social responsibility, are kind to the planet and strive to be sustainable and give back to local communities that host us.

We work in partnership with you, as an extension of your team, to create tailor made programmes which include wellbeing elements to support all your company needs for a successful and memorable corporate event.  Wanderlust provides a well rounded exploration of wellbeing and the many benefits its brings to individuals, groups and companies.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."


Helen Keller

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Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Retreat

  • The importance of having a wellness programme at the workplace can also be linked to employee retention

  • 89% of workers at companies that support wellbeing efforts are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work

  • Levels of absenteeism can be reduced by up to 27% for those who exercise regularly and have a healthy balanced diet

  • Healthier employees tend to be more positive, outgoing and enthusiastic, improving workplace morale

  • Helps individuals identify and explore unique strengths and learn how to apply them in the workplace

  • Helps teams bond with one another on a deep and meaningful level, by providing quality of time, over the quantity

The benefits of wellness retreats can be achieved anytime, anywhere


Some inspiration for you...

UK - The UK offers incredible natural beauty, with mountains, superb coastlines, pristine hills and valleys providing a huge variety of landscapes that are easily accessible from all parts of the UK and for European colleagues


Europe  - Spectacular beaches, incredible national parks, dramatic mountain landscapes perfect for winter or summer, breath-taking scenery coupled with the unrivalled variety of cuisines, makes Europe the perfect destination to leave your guests feeling thoroughly revitalised


Asia - Incredible India, the natural splendor of Bali, the cultural treasures of Japan and Thailand, the Land of Smiles.  Asia is incredibly diverse and offers a rich history of yoga, Ayurvedic and holistic practices and traditions and opportunities for adventure and exploring both land and sea


Caribbean - Pristine beaches, lush green surroundings plus luxury and sumptuous comfort. Stunning sea views make for relaxation and rejuvenation, coupled with the sounds and tastes of Caribbean hospitality, perfect to nurture wellbeing in these idyllic islands

Middle East - Rich in history, amazing beaches, breathtaking architecture, desert adventures and guaranteed sunshine, the perfect combination for a unforgettable trip to cleanse the mind, purify the body and detox.  The Middle East is an Aladdin’s cave of adventures, experiences, and historical sites


Destinations that require a negative PCR test (Fit to Fly test) for entry may be of particular interest to you for that extra security and safety for you and those travelling with you. We can provide advice and guidance on this.

We offer a variety of wellness options to recharge and improve wellbeing including:

  • Yoga and pilates for all levels

  • Spa treatments

  • Mindfulness & breathing techniques

  • Fitness & exercise

  • Meditation & Sitting

  • Detox & cleansing

  • Sound healing & sound baths

  • Sleep coaching

  • Holistic and alternative eastern practices including Ayurveda

  • Personal health check

  • Nutrition & wellbeing consultation

  • Mind-body techniques for stress management

  • Healthy living and mindfulness workshops

  • Adventure activities that energise - surfing, SUP, skiing, kayaking, white water rafting, hiking plus many more

  • Bushcraft, wood crafting and fire making

  • Foraging and medicinal plants

Wanderlust retreats provide the opportunity to deepen your guests connection with themselves, each other and the beauty of the natural world around them. 


Corporate retreats offer innovative ways to

  • Enhance company culture and team bonding

  • Improve positive engagement and communication

  • Improve employee and customer retention

  • Boost motivation and job satisfaction

  • Boost focus, productivity and efficiency

  • Manage stress and regulate emotions

  • Adapt more quickly from setbacks and challenges

  • Improve problem-solving and decision-making skills

  • Ignite creativity and inspire flexibility

  • Improve overall health and wellbeing

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Our gift to you, our planet and the environment

Wanderlust Yoga & Adventures promise to plant a tree for each person attending a Wanderlust corporate retreat, a unique idea that benefits the environment, the health of our planet and its population, but also helps companies to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. Our commitment to tree planting directly resonates with people and creates goodwill for your company.
With tree planting, you can contribute effectively towards the United Nations sustainability goals of combating an increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. As an active contributor to the UN attaining their sustainability goals, your brand will be associated with climate conservation.

Wanderlust "Positive Impact"

At Wanderlust we have launched our own innovative giving it back scheme called “Positive Impact”.


Our aim is to provide a more structured approach to our social impact and also recognise the amazing work that is being done in communities from the destinations we are privileged to visit. We do this by supporting a local charity in each of our chosen destinations.

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Project Director &

Event Host

Wendy is an experienced international event manager with 23 years of organising events and experiences all over the world. Wendy appreciates and understands the needs of guests and works tirelessly to make sure the planning and organising is meticulous.  

Wendy brings expertise in carefully researching a brief and providing the balance between meeting objectives and ensuring guests take away fond memories.

She is familiar with handling the logistical details and what is needed to achieve a flawless experience for you.


Wendy’s years spent in the industry have allowed her to cultivate relationships with leading venues which in turn allow her to build and create a retreat experience that is everything you dreamt of.

She believes in providing the highest quality of service and support and her passion is creating unforgettable experiences and meeting and exceeding client objectives.

Project Manager &

Yoga Teacher

Gill has had an extensive career in corporate event management spanning more than two decades, with an eye for detail, Gill has worked with global companies creating and delivering  innovative event solutions that connect with audiences and are delivered seamlessly with passion, integrity and a smile.

Gill discovered the yoga and mindfulness practices over 11 years ago and first came to the mat to explore the physical benefits of the practice but quickly discovered these benefits reach much further than the physical body. 


Gill strongly believes that yoga is for everyone, irrespective of ability or background, yoga is accessible to all. Once the exploration of this amazing practice begins, we find a quiet and calm mind, the ability to be present, challenge yourself, explore the possibilities and most of all have some fun.


She completed her Yoga Alliance training in Costa Rica and has trained in Ashtanga and Vinyasa practices. Gill is also an adventurous soul and has travelled extensively to over 100 countries and all seven continents.

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